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What is LLP registered office shifting

As per Rule- 17 of LLP Rules-2009 Where the limited Liability partnership to another place provided that where the change in place of the registered office is from one state to another state, having secured creditors shall also obtain the consent of such secured creditors Subsection (3) of section 13, notice of change of place of registered office shall be given to Under Form 15 A notice of change of registered office from one place to another place within 30 days of complying with the requirement of sub-rule (1), in case of changed or registered office within the same state, and within 30 days of complying with subrule (4) in case of change of registered office from one state to another.

Process for Shifting of Registered Office of LLP from one State to Another State

Firstly, you have to read registered LLP agreement carefully; if the procedure is mentioned in the registered agreement then comply the whole procedure and If the LLP agreement is silent on the changes, the registered office can be changed with the consent of all the partners in their meeting. So, call the meeting and pass the resolution for the same and obtain consent from all the designated partners.

(Get Consent from All Secured/Unsecured Creditors) Consent of all secured creditors is also required to be obtained; For this purpose authorized Designated Partner send Notice for shifting of Registered Office to all the secured creditors through registered post and it must be noted that Notice for Shifting of Registered Office also published by LLP at least 21 days prior to the filing of notice of shifting to the Registrar for receipt of objections, if any in a daily newspaper published in English and in the principal language of the district where the R O of the LLP is situated circulating in that district. (Newspaper Advertisement Charges Approx. 4000-10000)

Notice of change of registered office to be filed with the Registrar within 30 days from the date of the change in LLP E-Form 15 prescribed under Rule 17 of the LLP Rules 2009 along with the prescribed fees. (Rs 50 if Contribution is up to 1 lac) List of documents required to attach with Form LLP15.

1) Consent letter of all DP’s

2) Consent letter of all Secured Creditors

3) Copy of Board Resolution

4) Copy of Advertisement

5) Proof of New Registered Office Address (If Rented then Rent Agreement, Utility Bill in the name of Owner & NOC)

Registered office can be changed

From one place to another within limits of the same city or town : When there is a change of address and it involves shifting to a new location that is under the same local limits, then the change of address can be done with the procedure that was mentioned during the LLP documentation.

Place outside local limits but within the same state under the jurisdiction of the same ROC : If there involves a change of office from a place that is outside limit of the city of the current registrar then According to the act a notice of the change of the registered office along with a verification of the new office needs to be filed with the ROC within 15 days of such change.

One state to another : When there is a change of office required from one state to another then there must be a Consent of all the secured creditors. A letter must be sent by the Authorised Designated Partner via post to all the secured creditors. And this must be accomplished at least 21 days before the notice of shifting. A Newspaper ad needs to be placed in the district that they were present in the principle language of the district and must be circulated.

Documents For Registered Office Address Change

Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)

Copy of Property papers (If owned property)

Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)

Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)

Copy of Advertisement (if applicable)

Consent of partners

Consent of secured creditors

LLP agreement

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Inclusive all taxes

LLP address shifting within city
Amending LLP agreement


Inclusive all taxes

LLP address shifting from one state to other
Amending LLP agreement
Advertisement in two newspapers


Inclusive all taxes

LLP address shifting from one ROC to another jurisdiction
Amending LLP agreement

Procedure For LLP Address Change


Obtaining Information

1-3 Working Day

The procedure for changing the Registered Office of a LLP depends on the nature of change. Our Experts will advice you on the procedure relevant for you.

Document Review & Completion

3-4 Working Day

Once we come to know the nature of the change in the registered office,our team will gather all the relevant documents required from your side and draft the necessary resolutions to start the process depending on which basis it is changed eg. State to state as such.

Document Submission

2-3 Working Day

After preparing all the necessary documents,we file them in the relevant forms with Form 15, the changes are done, the prerequisites needs to be taken care before the set 15 or 21 days according to the nature of change.

Mandatory requirements before LLP address change

Consent of all the DP’s involved in the LLP.

Consent letter of all Secured Creditors.

Address proof and papers for the new office.

Copy of Board Resolution.

Filling the respective form to proceed the change of address.

Copy of advertisement to be attached as the proof.

FAQ’s About LLP registered office shifting


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