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What is Increase of Authorized Capital

When an entrepreneur decides to get company registration and settles on the business structure most suited to the purpose of the business and other co-owners, it is essential to decide what the share capital of the company is to be and how can we Increase Authorized Share Capital.

The share capital is that part of a company’s equity which has been raised by issuing shares and selling them to stockholders in exchange for capital (cash or other considerations). In order to maintain financial decorum, the government stipulates that no company can indiscriminately issue shares for the purpose of raising capital. To that effect, authorized share capital is the maximum value of share capital that the company is legally authorized to issue to shareholders.

Hence the authorized share capital of the company can be increased at any time, subject to the constraints and clauses dictated by section 61 (read with section 13 and 14) of the Companies Act, 2013.

Step 1- Verifying approval within the Articles of Association

Step 2- Board meeting to notify the incidence of EGM

Step 3- Extraordinary General Meeting

Step 4- ROC Form documenting

Documents for increase in authorized capital


Ordinary resolution

Minutes of General Meeting

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Inclusive all taxes

Increase of authorized
Capital upto Rs 10 lacs


Inclusive all taxes

Increase of authorized
Capital upto Rs 100 lacs


Inclusive all taxes

Increase of authorized
Capital upto Rs 25 lacs


  • The above mentioned is only professional charges, exclusive of the stamp duty.



Obtaining the information

Our Experts will gather all the necessary information and requisite documents for the increase in your authorized capital.

Document Review & Completion

Our team will gather all the relevant documents required from your side and draft the necessary resolutions to start the process.

Document Submission

After the review of all the documents required, we will submit them to the MCA and will get approved by the ministry

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